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The more you see and hear [Lenn], the more you believe.

– Wayne Proctor  (We The People)

December 21, 2013

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[Lenn] is an amazing, wide-eyed, cheerful and intriguing character who will keep you entertained for hours on end and make your mind boggle with wonder and excitement. his fascination with John Lennon draws you in and you can't help but get taken in and question if somehow... John has actually managed to get inside him :).

His original poems and music are a real treat and tribute to the great man, and it was a pleasure to watch him perform. I know John would have been proud especially as [Lenn] carries all the good will, love and respect through his music, exactly as the Beatles did. Wonderous man, it was truly great to meet and host him!

Andrew Bowles London, England December 7, 2013

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John is still talking to us through [Lenn]. Great work [Lenn]. "The proof is in the music or the hearing thereof”. Be Well.

Sal D’Onofrio Health Guardians December 7, 2013

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There are many who impersonate, who simply "play" John Lennon.  I’ve seen them all.  However, Actor [Lenn Johnston's] portrayal of Lennon goes way beyond impersonation. [Lenn] is the modern day embodiment of the spirit of John Lennon.  It’s amazing to see [Lenn] channel John; and I believe he accurately shares with us what John would be doing today. In capturing John Lennon’s essence, it feels as if [Lenn] has downloaded him.  There is no one in the world who brings John Lennon to life like [Lenn] does.

– Sebastian St. George Producer December 7, 2013

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Brilliant [Lenn] You need a bigger audience. This is great stuff.

Sawn Orlando, Florida December 7, 2013

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If you don't believe in reincarnation, check out [Lenn Johnston]. He looks like John Lennon, talks, walks, thinks, dresses the same. It totally blows my mind!

Robert J. Pepe December 7, 2013

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Absolutely the best Lennon out on any clothesline......... Stunningly punnie. Brilliantly done. This guy seems to channel John's very essence. Long live John... through [L . J!]

Bill Horn December 7, 2013

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My father and I met you at Strawberry Fields. We were certainly blown away when we saw you, because both my father and I are enormous John Lennon fans. We wanted to thank you for making us feel like we were in John Lennon's presence. It was as if John Lennon himself was standing in front of us and talking to us!

You made our trip so special and you were really the highlight of our trip to New York. Thanks again for being so kind to us and promoting John Lennon's message of peace to the world and humanity.

Elias and Melina Mexico December 7, 2013

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Your resemblance gave me absolute shivers! Thanks for the fun photo op.

Tanya Sa Canada December 7, 2013

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[Lenn] your likeness to John is uncanny, not just looks-wise but performance-wise. Watching you perform I can imagine what it must have been like to see John live. You have a real gift and I'm glad you are sharing it.

Susan Nowak California December 7, 2013

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Hi John.........erm.....I mean [Lenn]...forgot your not really Mr. Lennon but boy seeing perform in Central Park was truly "awesome". Then bumping into you two days later in Wall St was quite that point I gave you a kiss...only on the cheek though and it was only a friendly kiss ha ha!!! I was amazed to find out you are an American when I got home, as your accent was typical Liverpudlian (Scouse as we call it) and you have a fantastic Lennon voice. Myself and Anita had a wonderful time in New York, and meeting you just put the icing on the cake. You gotta come to England sometime, as we would love to "bump" into you again. Keep in touch John......damn it, I done it again....[LENN]

David Ottley England December 7, 2013

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Silvia Gutierres Argentina December 7, 2013

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Lol, why do people say "If I squint" or "If I take my glasses off"? Just admit that he [Lenn] is supernaturally like John in many aspects and he is awesome for keeping the spirit of John Lennon alive. It's a great thing to have and to do. An "otherworldly possession" if you will, lol.

MegaMacTV YouTube December 7, 2013

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Hello... I just wanted to say I am a true fan. Sounds like I'm saying I'm a fan because I think you're the real John Lennon, but no. I am a fan of you. John Lennon is a big part in my 16 year old life. And I'd like to thank you because you capture him well. I know almost everything and anything about John because I've spent years researching John, and you've got him fit perfect to a [Lenn]. Your work is amazing. I love it. And I just wanted to tell you how great you are. 

Kaylerae December 7, 2013

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Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!...can't get any better than that !!!...cheers!!! :-p

poppadikks YouTube December 7, 2013

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[Lenn] - I believe Lennon’s spirit is with us, and I have seen him comment through others over the years. Thanks for being a vessel for him as others have been.

Helene Iulo December 7, 2013

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It was very special. It was spooky but nice!

Ana Seguro Portugal December 7, 2013

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We took a picture together at Strawberry Fields on Lennon's Birthday. It was intense... You are like super similar to John and it's really awesome.

Emilie Paige Cull December 7, 2013

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Glad to hear that the best "JOHN LENNON" is busy. Thank you for your devotion to John, your artwork in Village Idiom is almost perfectly Lennon. We hope to see you in Ohio soon. Best of luck and thank you for keeping the dream that is John Lennon and The BEATLES alive. Have a "Blue Meanie" free day!

Robert Stone Ohio December 7, 2013

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You are the most awesome John Lennon on earth! Love you!

Betty Atchison December 7, 2013

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Hey there, my Lennon friend! You have been a very inspiring light in my life since I met you. Thanks!!

Jeniffer Juniper December 7, 2013

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[Lenn], I love watching your video's, you are so John Lennon the second!

Valerie Kuhn December 7, 2013

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Your look and sound of John is just remarkable. The best I'm sure I'll ever see. Thank you.

Annette Poirier December 7, 2013

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Many people have asked me if I took a picture with a wax figure of John Lennon, that's how good you are! They can't believe it's an actual person. I saw your videos, you sound a lot like him too. I really look forward to going to one of your shows anytime. Thanks a lot for the picture. I really apprieciate it. You're a really nice guy John!!

Mauro Pereira December 7, 2013