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Included is a signed copy of the CD complete with 24 page booklet of illustrations, lyrics, poems, and short stories.

Bonus booklet not available with digital downloads.

It’s uncanny! It’s blowing my mind! It’s hard to do a show with 1965 John Lennon here.                                                                                                                                                                     – Conan O’Brien

Time Traveling John Lennon on CONAN

Lenn Johnston Interviews Beatles Tour Reporter Ivor Davis, Part 1

“[Lenn] perfectly evokes both the spirit and imagery of John Lennon in one of the most original and effective tributes ever heard (and seen). VILLAGE IDIOM combines Lennon’s two books with the style of the Beatles 1966 Christmas record, complete with ‘John’ reading his poems, set to sound effects. Not only does [Lenn] write original poetry and stories in the spirit of In His Own Write, but also writes Lennon-inspired songs representing every period of his career.”

– EarCandy, the eclectic online music magazine

“…If channeling is real, [Lenn] WAS John Lennon… He had the look, the mannerisms, and everyone was amazed, to say the least!”

– Dave Mason, Host of the San Diego Beatles Radio Show on 101.5 KGB.

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